Dear Friend,

For the past 4 years, I've been writing a monthly newsletter called The Dean Jackson NewInformation! Real estate Marketing Letter.

My favorite thing in the world is discovering New Information. In fact, it's the name of my company. I spend MOST of my time reading, talking to marketing innovators, discovering new things, and figuring out how to apply them to Real Estate.

My next favorite thing is to share what I learn with everyone I know, and learn from other people. The NewInformation! Marketing Letter is where I get to share everything I discover, you can share YOUR ideas...and we all learn from each other.

I've put all of the newsletters I've written over the last 3 years into a free Ebook I've cleverly titled "NewInformation! Volume 1"

Here's just some of What you'll find in Volume 1:

Learn how to get more prospects!
Seven-step checklist for writing ads that can make you rich!

How to write ads, letters and postcards that make your prospects take action

Top 10 ways to generate as many leads for first-time buyers as you can possibly handle

How to turn your leads into lifetime clients

Learn how to get more referrals!
The Loyalty Effect: The hidden force behind growth, profits, and lasting value

7 ways to build trust with your communications

How to generate leads while delivering world class service

Learn how to create a money making website!
  How to turn your website into an automated lead generation magnet for your business…

Five little things that make a good website great!

4-step formula for building an awesome lead generating website

If you'd like a FREE copy of NewInformation! Volume 1, Just leave your name and email address below, and you can download a copy right now.


I'm looking forward to helping you build your real estate business, and hopefully meeting you one day...

PS- I write a new newsletter approximately evey 30-days and post them
right here on this website...l'll send it to you by email.

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